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The easiest
Email-to-Webhook service out there

Transform emails into webhooks and send to your desired endpoint. Ideal for developers seeking a straightforward solution.

Deploy faster

Swift Setup, Seamless Integration

Just send an email. We do the rest.
Every time there is a new email in your HookInbox, a POST request with parsed data is sent to a specified URL. It's that simple.
Specify custom headers
You can add additional headers, such as API keys or tokens, to your POST request. We'll send them along with your data.
Automated Retries
Network issues? Server downtime? These are problems of the past. We automatically handle retries and custom delays, keeping your data flowing seamlessly.
Advanced Data Filtering
Don't let important data slip through. With our advanced filtering, ensure all your information lands where it's supposed to, every time.

Specialized Excellence

Why settle for jack-of-all-trades?

Many platforms try to offer everything, often complicating the user experience. At HookInbox, we've chosen a different path. We focus solely on converting emails to webhooks. It's what we do best. No unnecessary features or complexities - just a straightforward, efficient service tailored for those who value simplicity and effectiveness.

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Set Up Your Inbox

Simply decide on a name and an email alias.

Configure webhooks

Define filters for incoming emails and link a webhook.

Ready to Go!

You're all set! Wasn't that easy?

Your own filters

Filters to fit your needs

HookInbox allows you to create filters for incoming messages and add a webhook to send the data to your app.

Custom headers

Custom headers for flexibility

Every request can be customized with additional headers, such as API keys or tokens. They will be sent along with your data.


Turn emails into POST requests
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Created by @dotbrt and @suchy.

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